Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aud Tales

I think I will just title these little bits and pieces Aud Tales, because that is exactly what they are...things that happened, mostly every day, of life with my wonderful mother.  If you are reading this blog, you may find them boring, but I need to journal them for myself, if for no other reason.

"I need some eye drops.....

I got you some eye drops a week ago when you said you needed them.

No you did not, I never saw any.

Yes I did. From Walgreeen's when I got your prescriptions last week. They were in the sack with the candy I got you.  Remember, you wanted Baush and Lomb(sp) and I called you from there to tell you they didn't have any of that brand and you said just get some? I got Walgreen's brand....

Well, I know you didn't, I don't have any.

Mother, I did get you some eyedrops, I have no idea where you put them, but I did.  I will get you some more today......."

I got her some eyedrops today while at the health food store getting her glucosamine and psyllium husks.
When I got home with them, I made sure she saw them, opened the box, squeezed the bottle to be sure she could since she can't squeeze things easily, and life was good. Oh, I also picked up two more prescriptions that she forgot to order yesterday when I had picked up four for her.  Walgreen's knows me by sight.

Later on, while watching TV, Ms Aud informs me she owes me an apology.  She found the eyedrops I bought her a week ago.  They were on the table by her chair, but in the middle of some other things, and she did not see them.  Her excuse was the cleaning lady always takes everything off of this table, dusts each item and puts it back, and the bottle had ended up in the middle of everything and she couldn't see it.  Sounds like a great excuse to me, lol.

"Is tomorrow trash day?   No, today is only Wednesday."

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queenie said...

What a grand lady that Ms. Aud. Having the pleasure of knowing you forever and her almost as long, I really enjoy your "Aud Tales". Good therapy for you and fun for us. So glad you are keeping blog up to date. Love reading it. Loveyameanit.