Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This and That

Living with anyone is an adventure.  Living with your mother should count as 2 adventures at the
same time I have decided. You live with them when you don't have any sense and then you live with them when you do have sense and they still don't think you have any sense, and you know THEY don't have any sense, they did at one time, but surely it is your time to have some, right?  Well, not in this house, lol.
Sheets, waiting for Aud to wash them.

Sometimes I think she waits until I decide to wash and then she has to wash.  This morning when I finally got up, which wasn't early because I am really having a difficult time with arthritis the last several days, I put a load of clothes in to wash.  Then I put on a pot of steel cut oatmeal to cook and read the paper while I waited for it to cook.  When Aud came to eat, she had these sheets with her.

....oh, you are washing....yes....why didn't you let me wash these yesterday.....well, you were busy...I asked you if you needed anything washed, and you said no...well I didn't want to bother you...oh, give me a break, Aud, how would that bother me?  Ahhh, I remember now, you don't like the way I wash your sheets, do you?   (very coy grin and small laugh) No, I don't.  Fine, wash your own sheets.
And so it goes.

I did try to get some sewing done.  I am determined to get this Road to OK, aka Road to Texas I have been told, finished.  I have others I need to be working on.  This is all I accomplished in about 4 hours. Sure doesn't seem like much.  Of course since I am sewing on a different machine than I was 4 years ago, the seams aren't the same, and I am having to resew some areas in order to keep the silly thing half way even as far as seams meeting. I can sure tell I don't sew as straight as I used to. So I have 6 rows sewn together, just 4 more to go, and the bottom half row to make the stars even out, and then I can put them all together. Isn't there something out there about "steady wins the race"? :)

I cooked tonight and made something called BLT pasta.  It is absolutely delicious!

 I made it with pancetta, grape tomatoes, leeks and spinach.
I served it with fetticini, but the recipe calls for bucatini.  See the homemade bread crumbs behind it?  That is part of the recipe.

I found this recipe in Cuisine at Home, Issue 63.  It is a part of Volume 11, as is this wonderful cake called Autumn Spice Cake in Issue 65.  If you like to cook, this whole volume has scrumptious recipes in it.

Looks like we are going to get some of the rain from Hermine tomorrow, so I went to Walgreens to pick up Aud's prescriptions and some tylenol for me (having to supplement the mobic), and some Cherry Garcia.  They actually had 3 cartons! wow!  Would sure like to know who is buying all of it.  It is getting harder to find.

I have gotten hooked on America's Got Talent because of the youngster that sings so well.  Of course, I don't remember her hame.   So, here I sit, doing nothing.  Think I will work on my embroidery.


Nancy in WI said...

Stick with the quilt Peri, it's going to look great! Can I come over to eat? Your food looks yummy and just what I would order. Nancy in WI

Carol said...

YUMMERS! I'm on my way for dinner...and dessert!

Colleen said...

Ohhh YUM I want some of that cake! And the quilt is lovely. And I know EXACTLY what you mean about Mom's! You phrased it perfectly!

quiltmom said...

Your spaghetti dish looks delicious- back bacon, spinach tomatoes and leeks sounds pretty yummy to me.
The cake looks sinfully rich..
Nice to have your beautiful kitchen to cook.
Loved your sheet story too- life can be an adventure when you live someone-
Happy cooking.