Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Monday Again!

Well, as I write this Monday is almost over, but I have to show my Design Wall, such as it is.  I didn't get a lot done, but this will have to do for now.  I have two more rows finished, but the are not sewn together yet, and then I have two more rows of blocks to sew together plus the bottom row to finish out the stars.  Thank you JudyL for always encouraging us to at least quilt a little bit every week.

We did have a busy weekend, full of football games,  and I tried to get a little quilting done.  Mostly it was football games though.  OU won, OSU won, YEA!!!!   and then we watched Sam Bradford almost win for the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

 For those of you who don't follow football, this means nothing, but I love to watch Mr Sam throw that football.  He has a great arm and since he played for OU (he also won the Heisman Trophy last year)  I have to watch him.  And the Rams also picked up another good player named Mark Clayton who played for OU several years ago, don't remember which NFL team he was playing for before now.  

And see this?  Guess who got to wash sheets for Aud on Sunday?  Me!   lol....evidently I became a little older this week so therefore I have a new responsibility, :)  Didn't I do a good job?  Just need to fold them, but I haven't graduated to that yet, thank goodness!

I forgot to take pictures, but I also made up a batch of "chili" and we had homemade chili with hotdogs. They were so good.  Every once in a while we get hungry for hotdogs and now that we have chili frozen     maybe we will have those more often and maybe some frito chili pie, yum!!!   I used two pounds of chopped sirloin and that will last us a good while.  I quit using "chili meat" because it has too much gristle in it anymore.  Haven't found any good in OKC, but probably I am not shopping at the best place for that.

One of my grandsons loves frito pie.  He used to stay with me some when he was younger.  His mother worked late and I would pick him up from daycare and bring him home and she would pick him up after she got off work.  He always wanted frito pie, but not with canned chili.  It had to be "homemade", lol.
I don't get to see him too often anymore, he lives in Dallas now.  But everytime I make chili I think of him.

I hope this is a great week for all of us!


Carol said...

I just love that quilt! I love football fanny spent many hours on the couch Saturday and Sunday! I'm a happy girl.

Candace said...

Great quilt, and a very discerning young grandson. Homemade is best.