Friday, September 10, 2010

Aud Tales

Thursday afternoon.  I have been to exercise class.  I go to Pacer's and I take classes that are designed for senior citizens. They are called Silver Sneakers and are comprised of people younger and older than I and are always full of wonderful ladies and a few gentlemen.  Here are some pictures to show you some of the class area.

I hurried home from my class, after first stopping to get us a Starbucks, so I could take Aud to get some pants hemmed up before our hair appointments.  They have needed to be hemmed up for a few months, but for some reason or another we never get there.  Every time I plan to take her, something happens.

This time we got as far as getting the pants in the car, getting the oxygen in the car, getting her Starbucks coffee transferred from the  store container to her acrylic Starbucks container, and getting her in the car.  Then she tells me, I shouldn't have these taken up today, I am bloated and they won't fit.  We can all relate to that, right?

So, we have 30 mintues to kill before our hair appointment.  Here we both sit, drinking our Starbucks, and she is looking at mail and I am writing this.

Supposedly we are going to Dillard's after hair appointments.  I will close this for now, but more later on the rest of this day.

Thursday usual change happens, lol

We get our hair done.  Mine has new purple in it.  I look old and wrinkled in this picture, and tired to boot, but today it was the best I could do.  I cannot quite comprehend how I got so old, lol.
This is Aud waiting for me to get through at Hair Salon. She looks younger than I do, she takes very good care of herself, lol.

This is Shelva, the sassy youngster that keeps us in hair cuts and purple and pink.  Would you believe she has an 18 year old son?

Ooops, change of plan....

Aud decides we need to go to the shoe store.  Notice there is no oxygen attached.  It has been several weeks since she has been able to go without oxygen for very long, and we are both loving the freedom.  She is in need of shoes that fit her better than what she has been wearing, and by better I mean not quite as high or wobbly,  and they cannot be "old" looking, lol.  So, we call and get an appointment and off we go.

How about these for houseshoes.  I forgot to take a picture of the others she bought, but she wore one pair out, and looked pretty snazzy.  It took her a few minutes to realize these were really one pair.  At first she thought they were two, and thought the one on the left fit better, lol.  That was pretty funny.

We love to go to this store.  It is called Foot Solutions and we have been going there since they opened and they always treat us very well.  A couple of years ago I locked my keys in the car and the owner was gracious enough to take me home, about 5 miles away, to get my other set, lol.

Aud has a very skinny foot and it is hard to find shoes that fit.  When her ankles started swelling so much she had to quit wearing Ferragamos, which just about broke her heart.  (I don't think that is spelled right)  So we come here about once a year or so to buy shoes. I bought some houseshoes and some clogs that are made in Germany out of boiled wool.  I just love them, and wear them in the winter with socks when I am bumming around.  No pictures of these either.

Now that we have shoes, we skip Dillards for the moment because we are hungry.  Abuelo's is one of the few restaurants left that we will still eat in, so that is were we go.  Must keep our hands busy so we are playing slingo on our Iphone while we wait for our food, lol.  It was wonderful  We get enchiladas with no sauce and onions on top, and this is the only place we have found in OKC that serves chile con queso like we are used to.  Very good meal, and a very pleasant one.

So Dillard's will be put off for another day.  Aud is getting a little short of breath and I think she needs to get home.  It has been a long day.  I have a portable tank of oxygen in the car but she says she will be ok until we get home.

We watched New Orleans beat Minnesota and now Ms Aud is off to bed and I am heading that way shortly.  It has been a very pleasant day and Aud is not fretting over her shingles or any other thing and is beating that deveil all over the place in Slingo.

Hope eveyone had a pleasant day also, and that tomorrow will be good for all of us!


Carol said...

Never a dull moment with you and Miss Aud...glad you had a good day.

Patsy said...

Glad the girls had such a good day. Bless your hearts.

Nancy in WI said...

Love hearing about your days! I'm a Vikings fan so when I saw your new purple hair I thought of the Vikings!
Nancy in WI

Candace said...

Sounds like you and Ms Aud are very flexible in your plans, lol.