Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Season Again!

It's Pepto Bismal time again in Sooner land, lol. I love to watch the Sooners play football, but they sure do give me a lot of anxiety!

Aud likes OSU football more than she does the Sooners, probably because my oldest daughter and her husband are graduates of same. And I am always reminded by my oldest daughter that we don't have anyone in the family with OU ties, so why do I always root for the Sooners over OSU, and why do I watch their games. Because they are exciting? lol.

This may be about to change. Her oldest son is now a Junior at OU, so I may have a real good reason to root for OU in a couple of years.

All of this to say.......

Can you believe this?  lol   Two little old ladies with two televisions on watching two different games, and one of them was a pay per view!  I think we have finally become real Okies!

Oh, and the ice cream is Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia!  The very best!  I buy it 8 cartons at a time when I can find that many, most of the time I can only find 4.  It is our comfort food I guess.


quiltmom said...

You and Aud have a lovely space to share- I love your new kitchen and I bet you do too.
You are too funny about the ice cream- everyone needs to have that special food that brings comfort- I don't think we have Ben&Jerry Ice Cream here- Breyers will have to do...
My husband loves cherry ice cream as well orange pineapple- both flavors easily found on the eastern coast of Canada but not so readily available here.

Enjoy the football- which ever team you are cheering for...
Warmest regards,

Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Well, if you end up watching a Patriots game you'll be shocked at Tom Brady's hair. He looks like a homeless man! We are all very upset with his lack of grooming here in New England.