Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out Out Damn Spot

aka HP printers!  aka the final piece of the computer triumvirate I have come to absolutely detest.

This HP is about 6 years old I think, and has always printed very well and photos have always come out great but it is a PITA to install, at least for me. I have had some problems with my wireless modem and every time I have had to buy a new modem or change anything, I have lost the "wireless connection" to my HP printer.  Well, since we have this oxygen machine in the house and it is called a "disturber", I had to buy another modem about 3 weeks ago.  For some reason the plain jane ATT wireless modem does not have enough "Finleys" to keep "disturbers" at bay.  Don't ask me for explanations of these technical terms, call a tech, lol.

So, of course, I lost the print connection.  It was so easy to get it installed when I first got my Mac, but this time I could not get the connection to jell.  I put off printing anything until I thought I was ready to attempt the installation.  Well, that was today.

I had been doing some research this past week on the best printer to use with the Mac and had come to the conclusion that Epson seemed the most compatible, and I promised myself I would get one if I did not have any luck installing the HP when I got around to the attempt.

For any of you who have suffered the frustrations of dealing with HP's "tech service" or trying to download their updated drivers without screaming, or have dealt with any of their manuals, you will be nodding your head when I say "I have had it with HP!!"

And that is what I said after three hours.  Soooo, I got in my car, went to Staples and bought myself a new Epson.  Did not get one with a fax as I have no telephone number to attach it to, so it was cheap.
And it isn't heavy.  AND, I got it installed!

Since the older I get the more computer illiterate I become, it took me a couple of times reading the instructions to finally stumble through the right combination of numbers etc to get it done, but it is done!!

The print quality is probably not as good as the HP but since I print mostly recipes and quilt instructions, it is fine.  Have not tried it on photos yes, but for now I am a happy camper!


Carol said...

That tech stuff drives me crazy! You did great!

Pat said...

I'm about due a new printer - sure hate the getting set up, though.

Michele Bilyeu said...

OH, I laughed hard through this and during my hard times, I need to laugh! And your mother and her eye drops...that was me and my dad for the past two years. I can feel your frustration, trust me, your stress, your aggravation, and your pain. But now that my dad is gone, well...all of a sudden, I wouldn't mind a little of his forgettfulness misery heaped on me . Funny, how-sad how that is!