Monday, September 6, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I hope everyone is having a non-labor Labor Day.  Not I, said the Little Red Hen.  Today was the scheduled day for a lady that does cleaning for us and so she came.  I got her to help me move some furniture around which means I may get my bedroom together sooner than later as a result.  I have too much "C@#$" and I keep shuffling it from one room to another in case I can find a permanent place for it, lol.  I move furniture out to the garage (I have room now since we only have one car) and if it lives out there for a couple of months then I send it to Habitat for Humanity or Vietnam Vets.

But I digress as usual.  The object of this post was to show my design wall per JudyL's Monday feature. 
I actually have less on wall than last week, but I finally have finished all of the blocks and have it coded so I can sew the rows together.  Didn't get a lot done this past week and it looks like it is going to be that way this week, but I can only hope.  My arthritis is also giving me fits in my hands.  Not good for quilting!

I am finally beginning to be excited about this quilt.  I haven't quite figured out the borders on it yet. Still mulling that over.  And I am going to piece the back...I have so much patriotic fabric I need to use some of it up.


AnnieO said...

Beautiful work! I have too much C*&% as well and both cars are in the garage, so yes, it goes to Goodwill when I am tired of moving it around!

Nancy in WI said...

I ditto the C*&$ thingy. I'm in the process of just moving it around at my house too. It has to go. I've been talking about that for months now. I like your quilt! I like your tub! I like your kitchen! And I love how you and Aud have 2 T.V.'s on at the same time! Nancy in WI