Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Everywhere!

 When we remodeled I decided at that time to repurpose some rooms.  Think I might have mentioned that, come to think of it.

As a result my quilting stuff seems to be everywhere.  When I started hauling it out of the closet it was in, it just seemed to grow, lol.  I have shown a pic of my main sewing area off of the kitchen, but thought someone might get a smile from knowing they aren't the only ones with a "fabric stash", lol.  And every time I look  at this wall of boxes, I say to myself, "what was I thinking!"

Each one of these containers contains a "quilt", except for the big tubs, and they are full of batiks and Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I don't think I will need any new fabric for a while, but it sure is hard to resist it.  The book shelves contain some of my quilting books and some stuff I haven't decided where to put yet, lol.  Recipes and recipe books are part of the stuff on the bottom shelves,  but that's another story.

A friend of mine helped me organize my quilting books and magazines a couple of months ago. These have made the final cut and are in "order".   There are 3 piles of quilting magazines in the garage I need to go through, and, I hate to say it, there are 3 piles of newer quilting books and magazines in my bedroom that need to be sorted out, lol.  I guess they will slowly make their way to the garage or the bookshelves.  Do you see a pattern here?  First the living room or my bedroom, then shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, lol.

 These are the closets in the above room.  A lot of kits, Thimbleberries, Kansas Troubles, Fossil Ferns, and some "stash", and lots of backings live there, plus other "have to haves" for quilting.

These are pictures of another closet that contains "projects" and some wonderful fabrics that I just can't part with.  I also have wips hanging on hangers on the door.  You can see some of them.

Knowing I needed something to spruce up my sewing area off the kitchen, a very dear friend of mine gave me this for my birthday.
It makes me smile.
I don't think you can read the verse but maybe if you turn it sideways.  I can't seem to get this imported with it turned.  At this point I guess I am doing good to get it in period, lol.

Looking at these pictures make me tired.  :)


Vicky said...

It looks all nice and organized! Wanta come do mine now?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have definitely got some stuff! I feel much better about my room now!

Anonymous said...

You have always been such an over achiver. Grin.

Anonymous said...

I am coming to visit and read your books and touch all your "antique fabric collection".

quiltmom said...

That is one fantastic stash- a bin of batiks and Kaffe Fassett fabrics - you are a girl after my own heart- I bet you have fun playing in those boxes of fabric.
I am excited about seeing Kaffe Fassett in October- A local yarn store has brought him in to do a talk-
The ticket was pricey but I am sure it will be one fantastic evening.

Thanks for allowing me to ogle your stash-

Colleen said...

Ooohhh I am sooo green! What a wonderful bunch of quilty goodness!! And so perfectly organized!