Friday, September 3, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

I finally have taken the time to sit down and find some pictures that will show how booo--ti-ful our new kitchen looks.  And it is so organized I just love it!.

It only took 3 months to get it done from start to finish, and Aud and I literally washed dishes in the bathroom sink because we had no running water in the kitchen and no appliances and 1 electrical outlet.  lol......didn't fix anything to eat other than breakfast out of a box either.

After eating out during this time food from restaurants no longer tastes good.  Plus, We have noticed that restaurants are changing their methods of cooking and the quality of ingredients they are using.  I am not sure if this is due to the economy or what, but it is disgusting.  And if I question the restaurant management I get the "I have been here for 10 years and it has always been cooked this way"  Hah!!  So untrue!!  Food just "ain't what it used to be"!

I worked with the Kitchen Remodeling Department at Lowe's to redo the kitchen.  I picked out the cabinets and their finish, hardware, and all of the appliances from them and had them install everything.  They did a bang up job and I have been very pleased with the result.  There were some time mishaps along the way, but these were mainly caused by Kitchen Maid Cabinets.  The cabinets are very well made and I really like them, but we had to change out a couple of them and it made for some time delays.  I put heavy duty pull out drawers in for bottom cabinets so I could keep from using my pot rack and they automatically close when you push them back in, lol.

I chose quartz for the counter tops because I loved the color with the cabinet color  I had chosen and it is more scratch resistant and not as porous as granite. The backsplash is travertine with some random color tiles thrown in to tie in with the counter tops.

So now I have a wonderful kitchen to cook in and with my sewing machine being in the same vicinity I am a little more organized!

This was the before picture

Everything torn out.  Look at the wallpaper, lol.  From another era.

New kitchen cabinets, appliances and lighting installed.

A wonderful faucet.  It works just like the ads say, and I truly love it!

This is the way it looks most of the time now.  Notice the gel mats?  They are wonderful for helping keep the legs from hurting while standing!  

Now all I need to do is cook, lol. 


Carol said...

Perry it is beautiful! It will be great fun cooking in that kitchen! ENJOY!

Sue H said...

What a change! Your new kitchen is just lovely.

Mama Koch said...

A kitchen facelift is always fun.

What kind of dishwasher did you get? I got a recall notice on my Maytag and it'll have to be replaced.

Judy Laquidara said...

It looks wonderful! You give me hope that I may some day get my downstairs kitchen. I agree with you about eating out. My bet has been that all the food comes in a plastic bag which they take out of the freezer, soak in boiling water, slice open and dump on our plates. That's why we seldom go out to eat and when we do, we make sure it's a place that still has good, chef cooked food.