Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Calico Craze Sampler

As if I didn't have enough quilting projects going on, my BFF Cindy insisted we do the Lori Smith pattern called Patchwork Sampler out of Calico Craze. We bought the fq bundle of this one about 2 years ago I think and have never started it. So, our grand scheme was to work this as a BOM starting October 1st of this year. Well my first block is done. Only 62 more to go. Let's see, at one a month, hmmmm, it will take a while. Cindy, our time table on this one is changing, we can't let it hang around for 5 years now, can we. I am posting this to inspire my quilty BFF to get busy. I want to see pictures to prove she is doing this one also.

There are no lights to speak of in this collection, so it is a little challenging, but, after all, we all thrive on challenge, right? This one is really not "perfect" after I finished it, but I decided it would be good enough for government work.

And by the way, I have another block of this cut out to work on. I will try to do better.

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Lisa D. said...

Wow - I just found your blog, browsed through your Flickr album and I must say, you have some really beautiful quilts in your collection. I love your style and taste in fabrics. Nice work!