Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weekend - Kathy's visit

Friday night I got this call from Kathy who now lives in Wichita,Kansas. We have been friends for about 9 years now, ever since we worked together in Houston,Texas. Anyway, she was taking her husband to the airport and if I had the time she would see me on Saturday morning after she let him off. She got to my house around 11, right after the dad and son had picked up the Scooby Doo costume (it really did look cute) and for the next 38 hours we talked, sewed, ate, slept, talked some more, sewed some more, slept some more, and ate too much. Also managed to get a few Starbucks in there and a visit to the lqs.

I showed her how to make an orange peel block, and got her started on a pineapple quilt.

I was sad to see her go when she left Sunday night at 10 to pick up her husband from the airport and head back to Wichita. These pictures were taken Sunday afternoon and neither one of us was in real good shape sleepwise.

This is Kathy

Cutting Table

This is me.


mar said...

Great pictures, looks to me like you two had a wonderful weekend!

Cindy said...

Nice picture. It doesn't even look like you have lack of sleep.

May Kristin said...

You never have time to sleep when you are having such fun! Looks like it was a great week-end!

Darlene said...

A wonderful week end, indeed!