Sunday, October 7, 2007

October 7, 2007

Hello, my name is Perry and I live in Oklahoma City, OK. I am beginning this blog because one of my BFFs decided I needed to.

My first post has to do with the lovely art of paper piecing, which I am not good at and always make lots of mistakes. This same BFF needs some help, so I am going to try to show her how to do it with pictures, and maybe it will be of help to someone else.

I have started a Mystery BOM through, one of my favorite internet quilting stores. It is going to be a beautiful BOM and if you are interested, you can still sign up I believe.

So, here goes:

Cutting instructions: I cut the strips out because it is easier to handle and I end up using less fabric.

#1 - 4 1/2 inch strip - it will take two of these to get all five basket backgrounds
- 2604-12
#2,3,4 1" strip for each basket 2609-22
#5 scraps from #1 OR 6 & 7
#6,7 5" strip - 1st background 2604-12
#8 6 1/2" strip basket for 2603-12
#9,10 4" strip for second background - 2609-12

And press as you do each piece and trim the back to 1/4 inch seam allowance. Don't do what I did, lol One of my favorite tricks when I am paper piecing.

First Piece - I recommend you sew around the edges of this to hold it

Adding the first piece of the handle

All three pieces of the handle added

Background on top of handle added

#6 and 7 added and Pressed

Bottom background added....remember, this is a different fabric

#9 and 10 added, trimmed and sewn around edges of block so it doesn't move for now.



Cindy said...

Great job on your first blog. This should be loads of fun. Look you already have photos loaded.


Sally said...

like your blog! I loved Thousand Suns! YOur paper piecing looks great! Who knows maybe I will become a blogger too!!