Thursday, October 18, 2007

The stuff on "stuff'"

First of all, thank you'll very much for the compliments on my blog. One of these days I will get it to suit me. I love looking at all of yours too. They give me lots of inspiration.

To answers the questions on "stuff". I have approximately 7 (that I will admit to, lol) projects going right now. I have no room to put them away "gracefully" at the moment. I have them scattered everywhere and I am not efficient when things are like that. I keep them in plastic boxes until I get to the point I have to put them on my design wall. That is when I get in trouble. I have 3 at that stage at the moment, and two on portable design walls behind the door to my sewing room.

The Calico Craze is one of those that I have to cut out one block at a time. The last two I have cut out have about 57 pieces each..for a 12 inch square. To figure out what I am doing I put them on 18 x 18 pieces (more or less)of acrylic to lay them out. These cannot be stacked as the pieces won't stay together. And, anyone that has ever worked on a Lori Smith pattern knows what I mean when I say you have to keep them together or you get lost as to where you are. I think you have to be a masochist to do one, lol.

Go to Lowe's or Home Depot, either one or whatever chain is in your area, and go back in the lumber dept and find the acrylic. The salespeople will cut a piece into several sizes for you, (at no charge) and usually you can find a large enough scrap that you can get pretty cheap. I bring them home and take a fine piece of sandpaper to the edges and get the rough off. I leave the brown paper on them because I don't like glare shining through. But they look better with the brown paper off, lol.

I don't dare take the blocks apart to put them away because I would never figure out how they go. And that is how I make myself do two of these buggers at one time, and that is why I haven't started cutting out Ellery. Also have Loft 1800 and Fresh Air waiting for me and clamboring to get out of their boxes. These are the three hollering the loudest. And I have one on my cutting table that is cut out and I was sewing on it, (it is also on a piece of acrylic) and decided to stop that to do the Calico Craze.

As for Seneca Falls. It did turn out nicely. This started out as a BOM from an online store. I will not mention which one. But after 3 months I was so unhappy with what they were sending in the way of material, I bought a fat quarter bundle of the plaids and cottons and did my own thing, more or less following the picture of the BOM. I did add the extra blue border in the middle because I thought it needed a break. I gave it to my youngest daughter and her husband because he had asked me to make them a king sized quilt. That is the only one I will every make that large, I guarantee. I made this during the time Katrina was taking place. I was on medical leave from work and all I did was watch tv and sew. I believe if you ask Cindy she can tell you more about it, as she has this one too.

Now I need to get off of here and help Miss Cindy get her pictures on her blog.

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Kimberly Jolly said...

Hi Perry
I love your board block idea. I think your Calico Crazy quilt will be beautiful. I bet you will be done in 3 years lol