Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Burning

I have been absolutely mesmerized for the last 24 hours by the devastation going on in California. My heart goes out to everyone that has had their life disrupted by these terrible fires. I am amazed at the fact that most of the people that appear to be in charge are not blaming anyone for the unfortunate circumstances they are in.

I am proud of all Californians for handling this disaster with dignity. My prayers are with you.


Betty J in OKC said...

My sympathy's with those in CA too. Reminds me of a yr or so ago when OK was burning and the National Guard and others battled wildfires here. I remember how hard it was to breathe even tbo the fires were one or two counties over. :P

Can you tell us more about yoor Oct QOM? Where did you get that pattern??

Nicole said...

My niece lives down in Temecula and has to commute past the disaster zone. She said the freeways were closed for two days and she couldn't get to work. When they opened the freeway and she could drive on it, she said that the sky was red and there were still small fires burning along side of the road. Unimaginable!

Sharon said...

How nice of you to think of us Californians dealing with the fires. It's getting better every day now. I feel for those who lost their houses and all their belongings. The fires made their way to our town but didn't do damage to houses as far as I know. Thanks for your thought and prayers. We appreciate them.