Thursday, October 18, 2007


I want to thank Cindy for getting me started with blogging. It is a pleasure to spend some time sharing other people's lifes and thoughts through their blogs. Reminds me of the times when neighbors got together on their front porchs or at each other's houses and had real conversations, lol. Guess I am showing my age, (68) and tonight I am feeling it. Every bone in my body has been visited by Mr. Arthritis today. I will attribute it to the weather. We are having autumn storms. Love Oklahoma weather, you never know what the next hour will bring, lol.

I am tired of applique, so I tried to get some more of the Calico Craze blocks cut out. Nothing suited me colorwise in what I was doing, so I quit that. Have 2 books to read which have been highly recommended. One is called The Glass Castle and the other one is The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Don't want to read, so I turned on High Stakes Poker, and I have seen this episode, so I guess I will have to give up and play bridge on the computer. This is called whining, if you had any doubt, .

I used to play Duplicate Bridge when I lived in Texas, and sometimes I really miss it. I don't have a memory anymore so I don't play now, but I really loved it.

And I really want to cut into the Ellery fabric I bought not too long ago. I think that is really what is wrong, I feel I need to work on the Calico Craze blocks, but I really, really want to cut this out. I am going to make a drunkard's path out of it, and I am ready to do it. It is calling my name. Okay, I am through whining for now. Thanks for listening!


Nicole said...

I have a tendency to work on several projects at one time, and never feel too guilty about switching back and forth. The only time it gets bad is when I have a dozen projects started and nothing anywhere near finished! That is kind of where I am right now.

Cindy said...

Okay, stop you whining now. How are you getting those pictures on your heading. I tried last night and couldn't get anything to copy. BTW, I am missing 2 blocks from Stars around the Garden. I called Cheryl to see if she could send these to me but she hasn't call back yet.

Lisa D. said...

I think sometimes you have to switch gears and go with what your gut is telling you to do or what is inspiring to you at the time. If you don't want to do the Calico Craze blocks, cut into Ellery. Is that such a bad thing? OMG, I absoutely LOVE the Seneca Falls quilt in your Flickr album. Is that a block of the month you did or is it a pattern available somewhere? It is just STUNNING!

Cheryl said...

I can see why the Ellery fabric is calling you it's wonderful. I hop all around with projects - think I just like starting new things! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to know other quilters out there just can't figure out what exactly it is that they want to work on. My problem most of the time. Love your pictures and your blog. Nancy in Wisconsin