Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Fabric

Like a lot of other quilters, I try very hard not to buy a lot of fabric because I have so much I will probably never finish all of the quilts I have fabric for. But, hope springs eternal, and I always assume I will find time to make them all, so it won't hurt me to buy one more collection to make a quilt from.

I love to shop at Fat Quarter Shop because I can get the whole fq bundle, and scrap quilts are my thing. Plus, Kimberly ships really fast, and I can get the fabric in, decide what I am going to do with it, and then buy the fabric for the borders, backing and binding while she still has it. I haven't fully convinced her to buy every collection I want (don't understand why shes says no, lol) so I have to resort to other places once in a while.

My other favorite online store is The Cotton Club, which carries fabric that Fat Quarter Shop doesn't. Cotton Club carries Fossil Ferns, Aurifil thread, and "different" fabrics you don't find very many places. One of these is Serenity. I have the Serenity II collection, a few pieces of the first one, don't know how I missed the third one, but number 4 is in now and I have to have it. The new size to buy seems to be 9 x 11 pieces, and they have IV in this size bundle. Now we just need someone to come out with some patterns for these. Pattern makers, are you listening? If you like neutrals, you might want to check it out. Just gorgeous fabric.

I got my Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty fix for the week, so I think I might get some sewing done tomorrow if I am lucky. Of course Aud (my mother) is making "we need to go grocery shopping" noises, which is another chore I detest, so I may not get much done at all. Here is that eternal hope springing up again, lol.

I am going to a sew-in on Saturday with a small quilt guild I belong to that meets in Minco, about 45 minutes from here. We are suppose to bring a dish and spend the day sewing and eating. I am taking a quilt I have cut out and intend to try to get all of the blocks put together. Also am going to take a Road to Oklahoma I started making a year ago in red, white, and blue and try to get some more of those blocks sewn together. It is one of those almost big enough to go on the wall to see what I want to do. I am making 100 10" blocks for it and want to put setting triangles on the side. This requires me seeing it on the wall.

I don't remember what this fabric is, I just picked up some fqs one day at the lqs and saw this pattern and decided I wanted to make it. It took me several months to find the right batiks for the setting fabrics and I have a wonderful piece of batik I found for the back. This pattern is from Humble Bee Quiltworks and it says it is good for beginners. I can handle those!


Darlene said...

There's nothing like new fabric and a new project. I call that Bliss! :-)

Lisa D. said...

The Hip to Bee Square pattern is very cute, but I'd hardly say you're a beginner quilter, my dear!

Cindy said...

What are you saying, you need more fabric. Well, I think in a couple weeks we will be able to see some new things from market. Have a good time tomorrow. Call me tomorrow night if you not too tired

Vicky said...

Those fabrics are wonderful! The perfect pattern for them!

Have fun at your sew-in!!