Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Cautionary Tale and a Full Moon

Friday the day started off with a bang. My good friends from Kansas came to town and stopped to see me for a while. Kathy is a quilter and we let Kim go along just because he is a special person and makes my friend Kathy very happy lol. PLUS, he is a neat guy!

We went to Quiltworks to look around and Kathy bought some stuff and I picked up the fabric necessary to make my Gatsby a queen size quilt. Here are some samples they had.

Rusty Hearts - this one has applique and embroidery in it. I don't like the colors in it but I do like the quilt pattern.

Indigo and beige...small wall or table quilt, they have kits made up.

Crazies for Daisies..made from 30's fabric, but it doesn't have too much of a 30's look, they also have kits of this.

And this is the sample of Gatsby. They have kits for this too.
After we left there we went to Pei Wei and ate Chinese. Then we stopped by a new quilt store and looked around. I forgot to take pictures. I will do that and post about them soon.

Then we went back to my house and visited for a while. My daughter and grandaughters came by to visit. This is Kyra with my chocolate egg and a chicken for both Aud and I. Aud also got a chocolate egg. Oh, and a bouquet of tulips that are just beautiful. I forgot to take a picture of them. As Kyra said, if we didn't bring you some Easter you wouldn't have any, lol. How true!

Here is Katy being a little shy. Kathy and Kim were still there and she is very timid around strangers.

Here is Kyra with ribbons in her hair and acting silly with me, lol. I am not posting the picture she took of me. I looked like the wicked witch of the west.

Then Kathy and Kim left, and Dana and the girls left, and then I left to take some movies back, and do some errands.

Aud calls about 5 minutes before I get home and says "I have to go to the hospital". Ok, I will be home in a minute.

Thus begins the strangest 4 hours I have spent in a long time. I am still not sure whether I believe it actually happened, but I have proof with the pictures I took.

One of the radiologists that works with Aud's doctor was checking the xray taken Tuesday when I took her to her Doctor because she still wasn't well. At that time they took a chest xray and determined she did not have pneumonia, gave her some antibiotics and a Medrol dose pack and sent her home. Friday this radiologist calls around 4:15 to tell her they found some nodules on her lungs and she is to go to the hospital immediately. Then he tells Aud his nurse is going to call her and tell her what to do.

The nurse calls back and tells her to check in at the ER and they are going to run a cat scan on her. Everything is ready for her and she should go immediatetly. So we get to the hospital a little before 5.

So she checks in at the front desk in the ER, tells the young idiot why she is there and then has to answer all of the thousand questions that help contribute to the bulk of computer documents and the lost of trees. Then we wait, and then they take 2 chest xrays, and we wait some more. Then they take 6 vials of blood and put us in a room. After a while a PA comes in and talks to her and does a short physical, listens to her chest, pokes around on her and asks her a million questions.

Up to now I haven't said too much, but I am starting to ask if anyone knows why we are there. And I explain to this gorgeous young man why we are there. So he says, ok, let me go see what I can find out. I am going to send the nurse in to put you on a monitor.
In comes Howard the nurse, hooks her up to a monitor, puts the heart pads on her, the pulsox thing and all that garbage, and then he puts an iv drip line in her other arm. And why is he putting this in her arm? Why, in case they need it. He has trouble with gtting it in her arm and Aud is about to faint and I am getting a tad upset. And I tell him he needs to get the specialitst that handles difficult ivs. He tells me is is the specialist...hmmm....not good, but he finally gets it in there. Before he has done all of this, he gets a urine sample which he leaves on the counter, and remarks, now we are all ready for whatever they want to do. Aud and I kinda look at each other.....

Then the gorgeous young PA comes back in and tells us, you are free to go home, this is all a mistake and you shouldn't be here. I am sending the doctor in to explain everything to you and then you can go home. Your blood work is normal. He tells us they found another xray and that the nodules had not enlarged from the last time she had had an exray. And no one could find the orders to do a cat scan. It is now 8:15 and we have been there over 3 hours.

At 20 to 9 I go to the nurse's station and tell them we are leaving in 5 minutes, and the nurse says you have to wait for the doctor, and I tell him, well tell the doctor to get his a** in here in the next five minutes or we are out of here. Strangely, the doctor shows up in 3, isn't that amazing.

He says, it was all a big mistake, she didn't need to come, the tests could have been run during the week at her convenience, so sorry, you can leave now. And actually, since the xrays showed nothing had changed, she didn't need a CT anyway. The nurse probably just got panicky, but didn't ever call the ER or make the CT appointment. And so why didn't they look at this xray before the called Aud and scared her to death? He doesn't know.

The nurse comes in, finishes unhooking what we haven't managed to so far, and we go check out. Oh, the urine sample? It was still sitting there, never even tested!
Do you think I was upset?

Just a tad......I am still not sure that this really is like a nightmare. I took a picture of Aud that shows her in the hospital bed with all of the hookups. I am not sure what can be done about it..probably nothing. But can you believe this?
I know the moon was full, it wasn't Friday the 13th however, and I cannot believe the inefficiency of this whole group of doctors she deals with. It really worries me. But, we won't be going in for a CT on a Friday evening again, that's for sure!


Penny said...

I am horrified at your hospital ordeal. The stress, angst and worry must have been terrible. I can't BELIEVE they did that!

Was that the Savage Quilter? How did you like it?

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Well I hope they don't plan to charge you, Aud, or her insurance for all that rigmarole!

Gena in Dallas said...

Sorry you had to sit there for no good reason. On the other hand, glad it turned out to be a mistake rather than something quite serious. Happy Easter to you and Aud.

Cindy said...

Give Aud a big hug for me.

Libby said...

Oh don't get me started . . . Hope you all can now just back to the business of enjoying the weekend and your guests *s*

Carol said...

OMG...I don't even want to go there...what absolute make poor Aud and you go through all of that for nothing. I'm thrilled that all is OK but that is just so WRONG that they did that to her. She sure better not get a bill...but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. Deep breath....
Have a very Happy Easter.

Nan said...

I am catching up on my blog reading finally, and I am absolutely horrified at your hospital ordeal - good grief! Poor Aud, and poor you!
I am happy to see the rest of your day went very well, however, and I thank you for the photos of the quilt shop and your sweet granddaughters. Happy Easter, Perry!

Nicole said...

That is a dreadful story! Poor Aud. Unfortunately, I have recently been through the exact same kind of thing with my mother in law. You just want to stand on a chair and scream "Who is in charge???"

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG Perry I can't..........oh wait yes I can believe this happened. After our ordeal with FIL I can really see this happening. Things are so messed up these days. No one seems to know what the hell they are doing. But Aud does look mighty cute there all propped up in her bed. And everyone is right, you better NOT get a bill for this. I'd be pissed.

Betty J in OKC said...

I believe that I'd be upset with the dr's and their nurse for causing this kind of panic. You're doing great caring for Aud. Mom and I hope to see you at guild Thurs. Happy belated Easter!