Monday, March 24, 2008

Updates on Projects and Stuff

I trust everyone had a wonderful Easter with families and friends. I know Aud and I did.

I spent the afternoon getting a little better organized for the week ahead. I am taking a class tomorrow night using the Heart Crazy pattern by The Buggy Barn. I have had Robyn Pandolph's Bed of Roses fabric to make this quilt out of for 7 years, and I figure the only way I am ever going to make this quilt is take a class in it, lol. So I have all of my fabric ironed and my patterns traced off and I am ready to go.

This is Bed of Roses. Isn't it gorgeous? Robyn Pandolph was designing for Moda when this collection came out.

This is Gatsby, all cut out and marked and ready to go. I am making a total of 81 blocks so it will be a queen size when I get around to making it. Hopefully soon.

My Kaffe Fassett quilt is coming right along. I have these blocks finished and the rest of them in order to be sewn. I only work on this quilt during my Wednesday sew in at the LQS, so it is going slowly, but it does give me a change of pace.
And my poor Web Sampler blocks. I now have finished 8 of them, thank goodness. There is a lot of piecing going on in these blocks and I have to get away from them ever so often for a few days. I moved our deadline on finishing this to July 1, so I am hoping to get it done by then.

And this is what poor Aud's arm looked like today. Can you believe the mess her arm is in? I am still so p. o.'d, to put it mildly, about this I can't think, but Aud wants to let it go, so I guess I am not going to be able to do anything about it. I will take this picture to her doctor the next time she goes in for a visit. And I don't expect her to be billed anything for this. We will see.

UPDATE: Monday 9 AM....Would you believe a lady from the hospital just called and told Aud to come in for a catscan? I don't believe it, but they did!!! Aud told them there was no way she was coming back for a catscan...she spent 4 hours in that hospital Friday and she wasn't coming back. Now she has a call into her doctor....I think this is going to be a fun day!


Carol said...

Poor Aud...bless her heart. Your heart quilt is going to be wonderful from Bed of Roses. That was such a pretty group of fabric. Love your WS blocks and I'm so glad we have moved the finish date to July.

Lisa D. said...

You've got some beautiful projects going there, Perry. I still can't believe all the mess about Aud at the hospital. Crazy incompetence! I'm glad she's home and comfortable again. Sheesh.

Shelina said...

You are staying busy with so many beautiful projects. I agree with you about taking a class - even if you know how to make the quilt - sometimes it takes a class to get it done.
I hope Aud's heals quickly from her hospital visit. That is an amazing story.

quiltmom said...

Hi Perry,
I loved the Buggy Barn pattern so much that I bought it twice because I misplaced the first one. I have often thought about making it as a wedding quilt but so far it has lost out to other patterns. I will forward to seeing it made up.
I hope that Aud is recovering- her poor arm and your poor mother. what an adventure - one that she could have lived without experiencing I am sure.

Julia said...

That is just horrible. I hope that she will be alright.

I love those Web Sampler blocks. I have resisted so far, but you are tempting me. :)

Chookyblue...... said...

lots of great projects happening here

Nan said...

I am loving all the projects you have going on! I would love to take a class for the Heart Crazy pattern - love the fabric line you've chosen for it, too.

Nan said...

I forgot to mention Aud's arm! Yowch!! Poor dear - bless her heart! I'm glad you took the picture to show the doctor.