Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodbye Kansas - Hope to see you Next Year!

Well, this adventure is over and it sure was a good one.

These are the batiks I gathered from all of the stores I was in. Mostly I buy third yards, but a couple of these are 1 yard.

These are the backing fabrics that I bought in Yoder for 5.00 a yard. Love it!!! I bought some patterns and some yardage but didn't take any pictures of them and they have been put away. Sorry about that, maybe you will see them made into something one of these days, lol.

To back up a little, when I drove to Kansas, I had a small map that basically told me where Kathy's house was. I am good with maps (hah) and I figured out the most efficient way to get to her house. I turned down this road and figured after about a mile that the street crossing it wasn't in existence so I thought, what the heck, eventually there will be another road going back to the west.
This was my present for persevering down that road. This cemetary is so unique. See how the trees are all bending over? The prevailing winds up there are from the south I think, and these trees all bend to the north.
Very clean and very inviting, if a cemetary can be called that. Kathy assures me there are some very old graves out there, and next time I go to Kansas I intend to investigate.
I got up Monday morning, drank a cup of coffee, and headed out to Oklahoma. I figured I had enough gas to stop at the turnpike restaurant to get gas and eat a donut or something and get some orange juice. I had forgotten to ask where the closet McDonald's was that we had gone through on Saturday morning.
I stopped and got my gas and my stale donut and some oj and headed on down the road. Just after I crossed the OK/Kansas line, which I intended to take a picture of, but I never saw anything that told me that I was in OK until it was too late to take a picture.
Anyway, Sharon ,I have a town named after me too! It is to the east of I-35 not too far from the Kansas border. This town is actually named for an ancestor of mine several generations back. One of these days maybe I will investigate and get all of the particulars.

I made good time and stopped at Starbucks in OKC and went home, unloaded the car, gave Aud a kiss, and took a nap, lol. I am sure Kathy was totally exhausted, poor thing, she had to go to work on Monday. However, it took me about 3 days before I really knew where I was again.
I am hoping to go again next year if I can get some of this stuff I bought made up. Don't place your bets though, I haven't gotten much done since I got home.
Hope you enjoyed this trip if you have been following it. Wish you could have been with us, we had lots of laughs.


Anne said...

Great trip! Thanks for the tour. You got some real treasures.

Julia said...

So glad that you had a great time and are home safely!

What fun it would be to all go on a shop hop or a retreat together!!