Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kansas Shop Hop - Part 11

I have this post and the one below it out of order, lol.

On Sunday morning we got up around 9 and had a wonderful breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy and great coffee, thanks to Kim. He is such a dear.

Then we headed out to Derby, which is south and a little east of Wichita on 15. The quilt store is called Sunflower Quilts

Here is Annette, a very sweet lady who answered lots of our questions and cut our fabric for us. When we got there around 11 it wasn't busy as yet and we got lots of attention, lol.

Some discussion of a pattern I believe.

This is pattern that they are going to order for me. It has y seams in it which I do not care for, but the pattern intriqued me very much. Some of it is hidden behind the table.

Check out this sample. Cool, huh? It is a Karen Combs Studio pattern.

I don't remember what this is, but I know it is one of the newer Moda lines.

This is a block of the month I think. I know I have seen it on Vicky's blog. Really pretty quilt.

This sample looks like it was done with batiks, but is really done in cottons. I intend to do it with batiks, and Annette told me I could download the pattern from Hoffman California. Look under their quilt patterns. It is called Savannah Streets and is 67 x 83.

There was a whole room devoted to Kansas Troubles and their patterns. This one is called Wildflower Star Duet. They have it kitted and all of the samples are just beautiful.

A Christmas sample maybe? It is called Block Party and may be a BOM. I have this out of order, it should be before the Kansas Troubles.

Here is another Kansas Troubles pattern. It is called Flower Basket trio. They do have a kit available on this one also. Now that I look at it again, I wish I had bought this one too.
And then we come to this one. I fiddled around and mumbled to myself about buying the kit because I have the majority of this fabric, just not the large runs of the middle pieces. I had to laugh, one of the women in that room that was stamping passports and I were talking about the samples and how wonderful they were, and, as she said, there are some cold winter nights coming up, lol. Okay, fine, so this kit found it's way home with me. It is 90 x 100. It just smacks of home to me.

We paid our way out of this store and headed down the road to Severy. I told Annette and crew I would be back. Great store! I am sure if any of these samples call to you, you can call Annette and get her to mail to you.


Carol said...

What a great shop...wonderful samples. You must just be exhausted...that's a lot of shops you all did.

ranette said...

You really did "cover" Kansas. Next time I want to go. I've been to most of them, but not all. You didn't make it to the shop in Independence did you? It's a wonderful place! I love the flower basket quilt from Derby, you should have bought that one too, ha!

Stephanie D. said...

I love that Savannah Streets quilt. I found it on their website and downloaded it the end of September to make later on--and I'd thought of batiks, too! Great minds....