Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kansas Shop Hop - Part 8

We walked out of The Button Hole in McPherson which was fronted by the construction going on pictured here. By now my knees were killing me. I had worn my MBTs, forgetting that they stretch my hamstrings, and I could hardly walk. Lucky for me, there was a shoe store across the street. She the sign that says shoes?

We drove over there, lol, and lucky for me they had some orange crocs. I just happened to have on an orange T-shirt and gray pants so that was a perfect fit. Of course one of the people in the store said, laughingly, when I walked out of the store with them on, you won't have to worry about people knowing you are coming, lol. True, but I forgot to take a picture of that, so here is one I took just so you could see how bright orange they are.

With my feet and knees not screaming I could now draw my attention to eating. Kathy and I hadn't had much to eat, and there was a great little deli a couple of doors down from the quilt store, which we drove to, lol. And this young lady waited on us. We had broccoli and cheddar soup and I had a salad and Kathy had a sandwich. See the Gallileo sign on the counter, that was our order number. Great food! Of course I can't find where I wrote her name down either.

Now that our tummies were full, we head out the door, only to see the Chile Cookoff going on. We ask these fine people to pose, and they did so gladly. They didn't ask us if we wanted any, and I only saw one other group of people doing anything that looked like cooking chile, so I was kind of glad they didn't. Not sure what chile would taste like in the middle of Kansas. Especially if you were bought up in Texas where chile is an art supposedly, :>) Aren't they wonderful? Right in character; the man on the left was even playing a guitar.

After this fun time we got in the car and started out to Salina. We could see this church from the road and it looked so majestic sitting out in the middle of the wheat or whatever it was, field, that we decided to investigate. We turned off on a side road that looked like it might lead us to it.

Here is is from the parking lot that was on the side of the church. There was a very nice cemetary behind it, well kept up. There wasn't any town close to it, just this wonderful church out in the middle of what looked like nowhere.

The rest of our drive into Salina was uneventful. That will be the next installment.


Vicky said...

Tell you what. You take me along on your next shop hop and I'll writes down all the names of those folks for you! Love those Crocs!

Sherry said...

Love those orange Crocs! What a beautiful church. Enjoying your Shop Hop pics.