Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kansas Shop Hop - part 6

Our next stop destination was Hutchinson. Of course by now we were pretty thirsty so we stopped at the local Starbucks for a brief respite and a little caffeine. Notice the cute Halloween bears they had.

I have no idea where the pictures I took of Hutchinson went to. I know I took more than two, but my camera was acting up and, even though I have 2 batteries, they kept going down very quickly. I guess I was taking pictures and didn't realize they weren't taking.

This was Cottonwood Quilts . Here is a sample of Terry Atkinson's Cheese and Crackers? Something like that, sorry, nor sure if that is the right name or not, but I liked the use of colors here.

Here was one of the ladies cutting my batiks out for me. They really had some good ones.
When we checked out , the young lady that took my money asked me if I had had an accident with my hair, or was that planned? lol ....I told her no, it was planned. Well, she says, my grandmother has white hair and she dyes it black and it comes out purple. I thought maybe that is what you were doing. Kathy and I cracked up!

I loved this. Right in front of the quilt store and around the corners there was an Antique Car Show going on. It was a beautiful fall day, the weather was wonderful, and everyone was having a good time. There is nothing like small town America on a Saturday afternoon!

And that was all of Hutchinson.

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Vicky said...

That hair comment is too funny! So much for blue-haired grandmas! Purple is the new blue!