Sunday, October 5, 2008

If I Had Been Dorothy......

and I was a quilter, I would never have left Kansas! My head is swimming from all of the "stuff" I have seen, and we still have 2 stores to look at tomorrow.

This is "on the road" toward Kansas.
I have crossed the state line, I am now in DorothyLand.

I get to Kathy's house and dinner is ready!!!! See that gorgeous smile on Kathy's face? That is because Kim has cooked dinner, and wow, is he some kind of cook!!! I could gain some serious weight eating with them every day. It was only 5 PM when we finished so we had 4 hours to devote to shop hopping.

Our first stop was The Picket Fence in Wichita. They don't have a web site but the store is just full of beautiful samples and friendly personnel.

This lady was checking out in front of me and she was so organized I was ashamed. She has all of her fabric counted and pictures of it on post cards and when she goes to a quilt store she know exactly what she is going for. I was amazed, but then if I tried that I would end up spending all of my time keeping my files up and never getting anything quilter, lol. The lady checking her out is speechless, I think.

Kathy was appointed the keeper of the passports, as I was too busy taking pictures. Of course she forgot to get my passport stamped at this store, and if I can remember, I have a story to tell about that on my next post.

Nice looking samples

This was a neat thing and I couldn't pass it up. They had the stand for this "quilt" from Nancy Halvorsen's 12 Days of Christmas. Really a cute idea I thought.
And that is all you get today. I am going to have to do this over several days because I have to organize my story as I go.

We did get to all 4 quilt stores in Wichita on Friday evening, and I will try to get some more things posted tomorrow.

Having a great time, this is a great shop hop and I love the people I am meeting. They are so down to earth and friendly; other areas could take lessons from them I think. Most of their drivers are even reasonable, lol.

I got a lot of comments on the purple hair and a lot of the people I met thought it must be in honor of Kansas State because purple is one of their colors, lol. When I told them I was from OK I always got a big laugh.

And the Sooners won their first Big 12 contest!! YEA, go Sooners!!!!

UPDATE: I forgot to tell you'll the reason we are eating out of paper plates. It has something to do with who is doing the dishes and I think this is a compromise on that decision, lol.


Candace said...

Looking forward to installment number two. Everything looks like lots of fun and wonderful shops.

Stephanie D. said...

Looks like a great time! Will be watching for #2.

Oh, and I went to Staples and got the rolling file--but it's too small for my Bernina, so I'm going to return it. Oh, well, it was a good idea.

Vicky said...

I picked up the stand at the Long Beach show. Thanks for reminding me! Maybe I could take lessons from the organized lady! Seriously, though, she was that organized? Egads! Can't wait for the next part!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Looks like alot of fun.And I bet you did get comments on that purple hair. Did I see my braid quilt there on that wall?? Love it!
By the way...........MIZZOU also won missy!!! Hunka wanted you to know that.