Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kansas Shop Hop - part 4

Our last stop in Wichita was at Hen Feathers . This is Kathy's favorite store in Wichita, and it is a honey. Great displays well laid out in sections and all of the employees knew where everything was.

Now this cool lady is laughing because in the picture below this one, I was taking it from her backside, which she tells me isn't her best side...hmmm, didn't look bad to me, lol. I am so ashamed, I wrote down all four of the names of everyone in the next picture and cannot find the snippet of paper I wrote it on.
Here are the four ladies who evidently are going to remain nameless.
More samples
This was another pattern that called to me. I think I will make it from my batik stash.

This pattern is called Origami. Great looking quilt.

We walked out of this store smiling and very tired. And then headed home for the night. My head was swimming from everything I had seen and I hope I have all of these pictures attached to the correct store.

If any of these samples strick your fancy you can check out the link and I am sure they will be glad to accomodate you.


G'G'ma said...

I'm enjoying your trip...looking over your shoulder. How can you sleep at night with all the fabrics you are seeing and all the ideas for quilts floating around in you head? I haven't gone to a real quilt shop in ages and my head still spins quilts when I should be going to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Next time you go on a quilt shop trip.....I want to go too!!! Please?? !! Looks like you had a great time. Barb

Sherry said...

Thanks so much for sharing your Shop Hop with us. I'm loving it.

Gena in Dallas said...

Did you leave any fabric for the other quilters in Kansas???? LOL
glad you had fun...... loved the eye-candy.

Vicky said...

I want to go with you next time, too! I'll carry your shopping bags! :) That's a great tree quilt! I really like that one.