Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kansas Shop Hop - part 5

Saturday morning started off with a sausage biscuit and iced coffee from McDonald's to go. Our next scheduled shop was a quilt store that was not included in the shop hop because it is a very small store as far as fabric is concerned. But, Demelias has their act together. This store is in Yoder, a small town on Highway 96 between Wichita and Hutchinson. Bob and Cindy Mastro are the proud owners of this wonderful quilt store. You walk in the door and you are instantly surrounded by color. Cindy definitely knows how to put colors together. Here are a couple of the small items she has made samples of.
Here is a cabinet full of tea towels, patterns for same, and lots of samples.

Cute items of clothing samples

This is Cindy cutting some fabric we "had to have".

This is Bob manning the cash register and putting up fabric and keeping the dip samples filled. I bought some Japeleno dip there that was wonderful!!! Don't remember the name but I am sure if you email them they will send you some. They also had some wonderful soup mixed.

After we left here we went 2 blocks away to a quilt store called Nuts and Bolts. This is a small outlet store for The Button Hole in McPherson. Here you can buy yardage by the bolt from 2.50 a yard to 5.00 a yard. I picked up 17 yards for backings. I hope JudyL isn't reading this, lol.

The pictures below are taken right before we got to Yoder. This is a tribute to a father. Very touching. You can read the sign if you enlarge this picture.

That's all for this post.


Stephanie D. said...

That tribute to a man's father--so amazing! What a find!

Lisa D. said...

I've really enjoyed following along with your shop hop. What fun!

Vicky said...

Thanks for letting us tag along on your shop hop! The tribute is wonderful, and I want one of everything in all of those shops!!