Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kansas Shop Hop - part 2

Gramma's Calico Cupboard was our next stop. This is Gramma, a very sweet lady, and she was in charge of cutting fabric. This store was in an older building and there was a biker bar next to it that could be used for parking, lol.

Gramma's store was full of lots of nostalgia and the following photos show some of her displays.

This charming couple are from a small town in southwest of Wichita and I can't find the name of the town right now but this is Paula and Bill.
More displays of Christmas items.

These stocking appeared to be made from pieces of old quilts. They were really cute!
When we were in The Picket Fence, the store I wrote about last night, we picked up our "passports", and I forgot to get mine stamped. When we got to Gramma's and Kathy was getting our stamps we realized that dingy me had not gotten my stamp. There was a very nice young man who decided to remedy this fact by talking to the CSR. Ok, we are standing there waiting for the CSR, and we have been waiting for a couple of minutes and I ask him, what does CSR stand for?, Answer of course is Customer Service Representative.
Oh, ok, so we wait a little more, and here comes Gramma...the CSR, lol. They filled out my passport and I showed them proof of purchase at The Picket Fence and they were kind enough to write a little note in the proper space attesting to that fact.
I don't remember what I bought there, but I bought something. It was probably a pattern or a book or both because I have a lot of patterns and books that I didn't have before I came up here, lol. I am being real good at this point and have only picked up a couple of batiks.

And there I will stop for this post. It is Sunday night and I am going home tomorrow. Will try to post the next installment tomorrow night.


ranette said...

Peri...where is the Picket Fence Quilt Shop? I don't believe I've been there. I'm glad you had a great time.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Did you show the CSR your bar tab from the biker bar next door?? LOLOL And you tell me to behave??
Gramma looks like a sweet little lady.

Shasta said...

Oh my, Christmas already?

Sherry said...

Look at that, Sharon shows up here asking about the biker bar, I was gonna ask if that's why you forgot to get it stamped. LOL Great minds think alike. :)

Vicky said...

I love those stockings -- what a great idea! I'm having a ton of fun with you on this shop hop!