Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kansas Shop Hop - Part 12

After we left Derby we headed out on Highway 400 going east. It seemed like it took us forever to get to the Needle in a Haystack . I think both of us had about decided it wasn't worth it when all of a sudden, over the "hill" and in the middle of nowhere there appeared this tall "Needle in a Haystack".

We walked in and were kind of standing there when I spotted Nelda sitting there very quietly in a chair and watching all that was going on. She looked lonesome so I sat down and talked to her for a bit. She was with her daughter. They had been to their separate churches that morning and had a bite to eat and then she came to the quilt store with her daughter. She is 83 years young, had lost her husband 2 years ago (I think), lived in Rose Hill (a small town not too far away we had driven through on our way to Severy} and had worked for the Kansas Post Office for 25 years. Such a gentle soul. We talked a little about nothing and then I told her I had to get busy, lol.

This lady was stamping passports and this was the signup table for doorprizes. We didn't win any, drat it.
Lots of samples, some high, some low. This picture is a close up of one in another picture further down.

As you can tell, there were lots of things to choose from, and we found some hand products that we had to have. There were also some "antiques" and craft items in various nooks and crannies. Actually this quilt store looked like I expected all of the quilt stores in Kansas to look like. Kind of jumbled and lots of older fabric as well as newer. Great store for bargains!
Ok, we have now completed the requisite stops at all of the stores involved in the Central Kansas Quilt Shop Hop.
However, being ever curious I had picked up The Country Register at the store in Derby, and it mentioned another store in Severy. Since we were almost there, we thougt why not, and heading east again.
About a mile down the road we came to the "address" listed, but there was nothing there but a filling station and an auto salvage, storage, whatever behind it. So, we pulled in there and tried to decide what to do. Meanwhile a couple of cars had turned south at this intersection in the middle of nowhere and after a block had turned back east. Very strange. Ok, let's see where it goes, lol.. We followed the leader and about a mile later came upon this quilt store in the middle of nowhere called Itchin to Stitch. It doesn't have a website. The building was new and when you walked in the door it was very clean and bright and nicely laid out. No one was there except the owner and one employee. Kathy found some polka dots she had been looking for, but I resisted everything, yea for me!!!

I think this picture must be turned on its side. I did inquire about this and was told that they were sold out of the pattern. No offer to get it for me, so I have no idea of what or who.
This was the only other picture I took in there. I didn't get warm and fuzzy feelings here so I didn't take lots of pictures.
We did ask how far Severy was from there and were told there really isn't a town, it is just a collection of buildings, lol.
So we headed back to Wichita and I took this picture of a wind farm. If you inlarge the picture you can see all of the turbines in the back. Fascinating.

We called our resident chef and decided to meet him at P K Chang's for a late lunch. He called us back about the time we got there and told us he had changed his mind, it was too much trouble. I can relate to that, lol.
We had a drink and a wonderful meal and just set there in shock for a little while before we headed back to Kathy's. We had "run the marathon", and finished. Great great trip.
I have some loose pictures to show and will wrap this up in the next and last post.

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