Friday, November 30, 2007


My youngest daughter, Dana, and her two girls came by this afternoon for a little while.

Here is a picture of both girls. The oldest one is Kyra, and the youngest is Katy.

And my oldest daughter, Summer, called and told us all to meet her at Abuelo's for dinner. Which we did. We had a wonderful time. We ate shrimp and steak and queso, tres leche cake and flan, and good old sot grandma had 3 margaritas. Now that is not a normal thing for me. I don't drink often, but I love the taste of margaritas and these were so good! I let Aud drive home because I knew she would have a fit if I didn't and I was glad she was there to do so. My oldest daughter called after we got home to make sure we arrived safely, not sure because Aud (who is 91) was driving or because I wasn't.

Now for the busted part. My oldest daugher and her husband both graduated from OSU. I LOVE OU football and always root for them. Aud roots for OSU. Anyway, OU beat OSU, which I noted in my blog not too long ago. So Summer says to me, I was reading your blog and my mind went totally blank and I could not in the H**** can you root for OU when your children graduated from OSU? And my response is always..they are the better team, lol. She still doesn't understand why I had OU painted on my driveway where the house numbers are. LOL, there is no tolerance in Oklahoma football. So, I am berated by my very own child when I root for OU. Don't you feel sorry for me? lol

And tomorrow is the Big 12 championship game. OU has beaten Missouri this year, barely, and I sure hope they can do it again.

I have to post my challenge information tomorrow also. Some of my cyberspace friends have challenged me to do a project. Since I am the proverbial "late child" on some things, I will post all of that information tomorrow.

Aud amd I have not done any decorating either. Maybe this weekend.


mar said...

The girls are precious! I love margaritas too! enjoy your football!

Vicky said...

The girls are precious! I have a niece named Kyra. Such a gorgeous name!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OH now wait just a minute there missy!!! My hubby graduated from Mizzou!!! LOL!!!! May the best man win right? The little girls are adorable too by the way!!!

JudyL said...

Oh, I wish you hadn't mentioned tres leches cake! I've been thinking about that off on and on for several weeks. Let's not talk about that OU/Mizzou game right now! :(

What cute little girls!

Sheri said...

Darling little girls.