Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just stuff

Played around with my blog and changed the main picture and put some "reminders" in. There is a plethora of "stuff" out there to play with! Fun!

Moving right along on Piece and Plenty Applique Block 2, yea!

Upgrade for John Flynn quilting frame, just the pieces, tomorrow is put it together day I hope, and use it, lol.

Frustration and lots of time spent on getting this baby threaded correctly and ready to attach the Flynn frame to it tomorrow. This is a hard machine to thread, or the few brain cells I have left are going faster than normal. I never did read manuals very well, lol.

My Tassimo got here today! Was not expecting it, and the coffee I ordered for it did not come. So, off to Target to get some. Cindy said I could get Seattle's Best from Target, and Cindy, if that is Seattle's Best, tain't very good. Seemed a little bitter to me. And I picked up some Cappucino, but, reading the instructions wrong of course, ended up with not very good stuff. That was the only thing my local Target had for the T. So, tomorrow I am off to hunt down some Latte and some Hot Chocolate. I think it will be 2 weeks before my coffee order gets in.

Notice the small pot on the left? That is my new hot tea pot for green tea. Have had it a couple of weeks and haven't gotten any further. And you can see the iced tea thingy there too. And the Magic Bullet and the coffee grinder. I love small appliances, I am addicted to them. My children love it when I get tired of something and give it to them. And Aud says, we have no more room. So, I will have to use these things or I will be in serious trouble with Aud.

The moral of this story is: Starbucks is still the best!

And then it was on to the mail. This fabric is a piece I ordered from Cotton Club. They always have interesting fabric.
And this is the quilt book I am going to use for this fabric. It is by Judy Sisneros and her ideas are really great for using fabric of this nature. I think this is the fourth piece of this type of fabric I have bought to do these quilts with. At least I can look at it. It makes me happy just petting it and thinking about what I am going to make with it.


Carol said...

Oh I love all your new blog goodies. What fun appliances you have...but I think you're right...Starbuck's is the best.

Cindy said...

Okay, you are always blaming me for something. LOL. Now you have to tell me how you got all those gadgets on there. My computer wasn't working last night and Joe didn't feel well enough to mess with it.

Darlene said...

I think I'm the only person the entire world that doesn't care for Starbuck's coffee. Way too strong for me. :-)

Shelina said...

Good luck with your quilting. That really is pretty fabric.