Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Piece & Plenty Update

I am up to date on the Piece and Plenty BOM. Yeah!!! Now I can get some other things accomplished. For those of you who haven't started this, it takes some time but you sure get a feeling of accomplishment when one is finished. I am so excited! The pieces aren't perfect, but they are done.

I put the yard to bed Saturday for the winter with the help of the yardman. He raked up a lot of leaves, and thirty minutes after he left, the yard was full again, lol. And then Mr. Arthritis hung around for the better part of the rest of the weekend, but I did manage to get the small challenge quilt finished. I will post that tomorrow.

Have managed to cut out two more of the Calico Craze blocks. Am going to quilting bee tomorrow and hopefully can get them put together.

And, if I do that, I have promised myself the night off. I have in my hot little hands a copy of the new J D Robb novel and it is calling me.

Thanks for all the compliments on my purple hair. It really is fun. If I could get a small tattoo without them using a needle I would get one on my hand, but I don't like needles, so that is out I guess. ;>)


Darlene said...

Oh my goodness this might be just what I need to get busy on my Peace and Plenty blocks! They are absolutely terrific. I'm a little daunted by the first month because I don't paper piece. I'll get the applique done and then fret about the paper piecing. LOL

Thanks for sharing!

Shelina said...

Those blocks are great - congratulations on being up to date, despite the arthritis. Hope you feel better soon.

Carol said...

Perry those blocks are just spectacular! And WOW! you are up to date...I need to take lessons. LOL!

Lisa D. said...

They look pretty perfect to me - just gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of your Calico Craze, too.

May Kristin said...

Oh, this is nice! Look forward to see more!
Thank you for your nice words and concern for my son! So long things are going fine! Hopefully he will have a job in few days!

mar said...

those are turning out so beautiful, can't wait to start mine!!

Nan said...

Those blocks are absolutely gorgeous, Perry! I also love J.D. Robb - please let me know how you like the latest book!