Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quilting Room

This morning I am taking you on a tour of my quilting room. I have re-organized some of it and it is a little more functional than it was. I "fixed" it by moving several things to another room which I am turning into my "other" quilting room, lol.

This picture is the left wall as you walk in the door. This is the door I keep my portable design walls behind. My printer sits on top of an antique chest I keep all of my specialty rulers and some threads and "gadgets" in. The hearts are out of wool. The clock is out of tin and I painted it about 20 years ago. It still keeps time however.

This sewing machine is my old Bernina that I use mostly to machine applique with. Then I have a roll around table that will fold up. I keep odd things on it that I can't seem to find a good home for. The wall hanging is Arabella, a quilt from Blended Quilts. I don't remember what the fabric is, but it was from Quilt Gate about 3 years ago. The pictures on the wall are some paintings I did in another life and a wool pumpkin piece, a handmade Christmas quilt I was given several years ago and a crossstitch piece I did. The table is my cutting table. The bins underneath hold, what else, fabric!

This looks toward my main sewing machine. The two boxes on my cutting table are the current "two" projects I am working on. That is always subject to change. The wall hanging is one of Pat Sloan's designs.
The design wall. The roll around cart on the left holds more "junk" and some serger thread. The serger sits there patiently waiting. I have several projects that I need to do on it. There are a couple of "ongoing" quilt projects in the baskets beside the serger. My big ironing board that I couldn't live without. It was one of the first things I bought when I started quilting 7 years ago. The wall hangings are some of the first quilting things I did.
Door to the fabric closet, some quilt blocks waiting to be set, and another heart piece I did early on from log cabin blocks.
I feel very fortunate to have as much room as I have to quilt in. It is wonderful. And it won't be this clean tomorrow, I guarantee, lol.


Sheri said...

Hi Perry,
Your sewing room is great! I have a sewing room but it's in some bad need of some organization.That will be an after Chritmas project.

Angie said...

What a wonderful play room you have! And such beautiful goodies on your walls! :D Thanks so much for the virtual tour. :) Happy Thanksgiving, my new friend! :D

Darlene said...

Wonderful haven! Thank you for showing and sharing. Can I come play with you? You'd be a great halfway point for Angie and I. LOL

mar said...

nice set up, I love all the quilts on the walls!

Marcie said...

You DO have a nice sewing space! I looks so welcoming! Like you, I keeps spreading the joy of quilting from room to room. It just can't be contained!

Lisa D. said...

Thanks for sharing your creative space with us, Perry. You look far more organized than I am. I go through spurts where it's all tidied up, and then the mess just explodes again. But that picture below, it's not jammed full enough. You need more FABRIC!